shaggyze / MyAnimeList Tags Updater


Version: 6.3.3+dfaa00b updated

Summary: Adds type, genres and other info to entries tags. Can also delete all current tags.


Copyright: 2022, shaggyze (

License: MIT;

How to Install scripts?

Now preserves old tags.

Warning: Greasemonkey is not supported. Use either Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey.
Make sure to export a backup before use.

Adds various tags to anime/manga entries. Can delete all previous tags. Works in your anime/manga list and in Advanced Editing pop-up. Works even if tags column is hidden. Confirmation before updating and clearing tags.

Tags Updater 1
Tags Updater 2
Tags Updater 3

If any Fail when finished you can right-click page and go to Inspect then Console and write down the id numbers then go to your backup xml and change 0 to 1 for each then Import and last go to edit details to update them manually with the update link.

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