schwarztee / AdDefend Klatsche


i think with an small Option menu it could be great optimized.

  1. Add an Filter that it only scan pages that are known to contain AdDefend
  2. An Small option menu with 3 Options:
  • Scan all Pages
  • Scan and Send Report of new Found to
  • Scan only Known Pages

What do you think about that idea ?

Hi SkateScout,

thanks for your feedback. I totally agree that these would be convenient features. But let me explain why this is not going to be implemented:

  1. To offer a filter list, you need a host to serve the list publicly and you need a maintainer who regularly updates the list. To be honest, I actually don't visit any of these websites protected by AdDefend, so I'm not really in for the maintenance job.

  2. A graphical configuration interface and the ability to pull and store the filter list go beyond what I'd put into one User Script. It can be done, but it breaks modularity and the neat simplicity User Scripts stand for. As you might've seen, the script consists of very few lines of dead-simple code – it was meant to be a quick-and-dirty remedy, providing an easy solution for a common problem.

However, here's what you can do:

  • use Greasemonkey's menu to define your include & exclude rules for the script (see the wiki)
  • extend the script yourself (you can literally do anything with it, I've published it under the MIT license)
  • follow the EasyList Germany forum (we consider to create an add-on or User Script library which would include the features you mentioned and would also deal with adware similar to AdDefend)

Feel free to send me a message if you have any further concerns.