pxgamer / Add extra forums

// ==UserScript==
// @name         Add extra forums
// @namespace    PXgamer
// @author       PXgamer
// @description  add extra forums
// @include      *kat.cr/community/
// @version      0.4
// @grant        none

// ==/UserScript==

    $('#wrapperInner div.mainpart table tbody tr td.communityLayout table thead').after('<tbody id="fcf">'+
                                         '<td colspan="4" title="Click to hide" data-show-title="Click to show" data-hide-title="Click to hide" class="forumGroupName lightivorybg thin white left font14px" style="cursor: pointer" rel="custom_forums">'+
                                             '<a class="plain white">'+
                                                 'Custom Forums'+
    console.log('added main');
    $('#fcf').after('<tbody id="forum_custom_forums">'+
                                        '<tr class="odd">'+
                                                     '<a class="cellMainLink" href="/community/torrent-requests/"><strong>Torrent Requests</strong></a>'+
    console.log('added content');

$('#fcf').on('click', function() {