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I am a script developer, and I'm just putting my scripts here...

All scripts created before 2016 are designed with Greasemonkey for Firefox.
Any after that are created with Tampermonkey for Chrome.

Most are for KAT.cr (Kickass Torrents) - Some will not work as they are for advanced users.
Others are just random from when I'm bored.
And soon I will be adding some for PXIMG.

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So, I write a lot of userscripts for doing different things around the site.

I usually go through the ideabox and look for any things I can make. But I thought it'd be cool to get some feedback and some ideas for anything you'd like me to write.

To use the scripts, you'll need to install either Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome). I haven't tested these with Violentmonkey, but feel free to give them a try.

If you have an issue with any of these scripts, either PM me on KAT or open an issue here.

Projects and Script Accounts:
GitHub Scripts Repository
Greasyfork Account
OpenUserJS Account
GitHub Scripts Site
PXIMG Image Hosting
Kickass Torrents

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