pietro.giucastro / Inspector&Editor


Version: 1.3.0+319df25 updated

Summary: This script makes your html programming easier and faster! Hold Alt and move the mouse to access the script's functions. It provides 4 features: "Inspect Box": Inspect the selected DOM element. Modify the inspect box's text and press Shift+enter to apply the changes. "Console box": an alternative Javascript Console with Jquery already installed. The inspected element is saved under the name of "selected", and can be used in the console box. Use the log() function to log something. E.g. log('hello'); , log(selected);. Press Shift+Enter to apply to evaluate the function; "Css Shortcut Box": This box can apply fast css changes to the selected element. Just type in the console box the css propery name, and press the "+" button. (e.g. "background-color"); this will create a css box for background-color settings. Type in the css box the value (e.g. "red") and press Shift+Enter to apply the changes. Delete elements: you can also easily delete the selected DOM element by pressing Alt+Backspace.


License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Rating: -5

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