nike / Kamihime Project R - Display weapon skill percentages


Version: +b276374 updated

Summary: Displays weapon skill percentages in Equipement tab and Party. Only SSR weapons (Most of them). Will require update when new weapons are introduced.

License: MIT

What's new?


  • Added Critica display with percentages (proc chance)
  • Updated 15 eye weapons (1st skill is XL now)
  • ULB was already implemented, but now game introduced it
  • Uncapped Rush (25% softcap) and Barrage (15% softcap), 50% effect above soft cap
  • Added some new weapons

SS - Skill Score - dynamically computed score depending on skill count, types and percentages. Note that this is general score, and by no means is true assessment of the weapon. Weapons with lower score might be more suitable for a grid in multiple situations.

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