linonetwo / TiddlyWiki5: Combine TW5 and search engine results


Version: 1.2.3+d398787 updated

Summary: Combine TiddlyWiki and your preferred search engine to find your own answers more easily


License: MIT

Libraries Used

Userscript: Combine TiddlyWiki5 and search engine (Google) results

Have you ever been looking for something on Google and when you found the
answer, you wanted to make a note of it, did you realize that you already had
the answer in your TiddlyWiki? To avoid these
situations by integrating TiddlyWiki search results to Google , use this
userscript with TiddlyWiki (at least 5.1.22 version) on Node.js.

Because the script searches in multiple TiddlyWikis at once, it can also be
used to search in all your wikis.

How to install?


Supported search engines

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