khzimmer / MastodonHelper


Version: 0.4.6+6bea220 updated

Summary: Make Mastodon look nicer.

License: BSD-3-Clause;

Ths script makes Mastodon a bit nicer.

Version 0.4:

  • Colorizes some elements:
    – most of the links
    – the "NOTES" text below the account name in the right-most column
    – the Publish button and the [Un]Follow button
    – all messages that were sent privately
    – the active lists in the dialog where you add a user to (or remove from) a list
    To specify your preferred colors in the script, see the initial lines, beginning with line 20.

  • Replaces the publish button's label "Veröffentlichen!" by the text "Trööt!"
    (This is done for German language, only.)

  • Adds a quick-access button (showing an 'L') below the user name in the right-most column.
    By clicking this button you can quickly open your list of lists, for adding this user to a list, or removing from a list.
    The button saves you some time: No need to click the menu button and then select the entry from the menu.
    This is still not a 1.0 release, but an incomplete version, that's why as of yet the 'L' button is working for a few languages only: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian. If you have activated another language, the button exists, but it does nothing.

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