joeytwiddle / Related Links Pager

hi, thanks for the script. i like having the links avail. one "issue..

i wondered if you will help me with is the script seems to create blue overlay background the entire length of the url. i notice this first on reddit. i tried to see if it might be an interaction, 2 or more scripts together, nope, its your script. :(

any thoughts on why how, fixes? thanks for your time

william maynard

edit... i see the overlay on the links is a planned behavior. what values would i use for "transparent", that is, no change to the default behavior. I am assuming here, that is what would be no change to visual, but lnks behave as normal. thanks

Sorry for late reply lol.

You can set the last value to 0.0 to make it transparent:


Or you can just replace the whole string:


However I must admit my implementation was not so beautiful. If the link currently has element styling, then the script will override that element styling. (That means the site's CSS is also not so beautiful!)

If I was writing it again, I would use a CSS class with !important, and leave the untouched.

In the latest version, the styling has been minimalised to a simple dashed underline for related links.

Styling is controlled by three variables in the script:

  • thisLinkHighlightStyle
  • highlightStyle
  • visitingStyle

The original settings are commented out, if anyone wants to restore them.