joeytwiddle / FaviconizeTheWeb

I see too many requests in google search with (that is suggested before), and it seems take to long...

I test this one now (with it i don't see all these requests : it provide favicon silently):
//img.src = '' + protocol + "://" + host; // As suggested by decembre
img.src = '' + protocol + "://" + host; //OTHER service suggested by decembre

I found it here :
An alternative for{url} favicon services

What you think of it ?

Sorry for the slow reply, I was making a cup of tea.

For the moment we are using the service at but I have noted down your services, and we could add them as fallbacks for the future.

The new version uses GM_xmlhttpRequest() on Ecosia and StartPage, to work around CSP.

If this works well enough, we could actually use that as the default (initial) way for all