jnaskali / Piped full-width


Version: 1.71+bdf6eb0 updated

Summary: Resizes Piped videos to full-width and shows top menu only on hover (even on pages with no video).

Copyright: 2021, Juhani Naskali (www.naskali.fi)

License: MIT

Modifies the layout of Piped instances, such as piped.silkky.cloud and piped.kavin.rocks, to show videos as large as possible. Only shows the top-menu on mouse-over.

Version history:

  • 1.71 Move chapter list below video
  • 1.6 Fix: Wait for navbar to appear before hiding it
  • 1.5 Small fix for new layout.
  • 1.4 Fixes for new layout. Tweak checkbox positioning on settings page.
  • 1.3 Added @updateURL for compatibility with some platforms
  • 1.2 Added top-margin on login, registration, preferences and subscription import pages. Syntax fixes.
  • 1.1 Fix search suggestions
  • 1.0 Initial version

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