jnaskali / Invidious full-width video


Version: 1.8+a867eb6 updated

Summary: Resizes Invidious video players to full-width.

Homepage: https://www.naskali.fi/2020/userscript/full-width-invidious-video/

Copyright: 2020, Juhani Naskali (www.naskali.fi)

License: MIT

No longer actively updated. I switched to Piped and Piped_full-width userscript.

This userscript removes margins around the Invidious video player, making videos full-width, which is more usable on a large resolution multi-window setup. Tested with Violentmonkey

New in

  • v1.8: Run everything at document-end, which fixes loading problems with latest Invidious versions.
  • v1.7: Switched from match to include to allow for wildcard domains in Greasemonkey.
  • v1.6: Videos can now fill full window height. Fix hover menu not working under error messages.
  • v1.5: Hide top menu until hover (for even bigger video). Limit full-screen video to screen height (fix cropped video on ultrawides).
  • v1.4: Adapt to size changes after load through MutationObserver, fullscreen fix for large resolutions.
  • v1.3: Adapts to strange aspect ratios like vertical videos.

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