holatuwol / ZenDesk Comment Permalinks


Version: 1.5+48fe3e5 updated

License: 0BSD

This user script takes advantage of a comment identifier already provided by ZenDesk to generate a link that includes that comment identifier. That generated link looks something like this:


When using a URL that includes the comment identifier, the user script will do the following in order to emulate the behavior of a comment permalink:

  1. Scan the HTML for the specific comment identifier noted in the query string
  2. Highlight the corresponding comment with a light gray background
  3. Automatically scroll to the highlighted comment

However, the emulated comment permalinks have three notable limitations:

  1. The user who accesses the comment permalink must have this user script installed.
  2. The script can only generate permalinks to comments in the main conversation (it doesn't know how to navigate into side conversations).
  3. Because the emulated comment permalinks go to an agent view, you can't share them with people who don't have access to the agent views.

The limitations weren't problematic for our team since much of our internal communication occurs between people who have access to the agent views, and we don't really use side conversations, so I've left the problems unsolved.

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