elwm / yt_clipper


Version: 0.0.55+6c4712f updated

Summary: add markers to youtube videos and generate clipped webms online or offline

License: MIT



ctrl+shift+A: toggle hotkeys on/off

A: Add marker at current time (start = green, end = yellow, selected = purple)

S: Save generated script (save it beside input webm)

shift+S: copy generated script to clipboard (useful if saving breaks due to network errors)

alt+S: save markers to a file (.json)

alt+shift+S: save yt_clipper authorization server script (run it with python ./yt_clipper_auth.py, close it with ctrl+C)

G: toggle markers .json file upload for reloading markers (must be from the same video)

shift+G: toggle auto video playback speed ducking based on markers

C: upload anonymously to gfycat (only supports slowdown through the gfycat url)

shift+C: open gfycat browser authentication and upload under account (auth server must be running)

Q: Toggle video speed between 0.25 and 1.0


  1. Specify intended download resolution for correctly previewing crops
  2. Specify short title that will be prefixed to output script and webms
  3. Change default new marker speed or crop (output webm fps is DIVIDED by the speed factor)

shift+E/D: Update all markers to default new marker speed(E)/crop(D)

X: When marker or defaults editor is open, begin drawing crop. Shift+click in the video to set the top left crop boundary and then shift+click again to set the bottom right. Any other click action (eg ctrl+click) will stop drawing.

Z: Undo last marker (disabled if a marker pair is currently selected)

shift+mouseover: View marker pair info and edit a pair's speed or crop

While a pair is selected use shift+Q/shift+A to move the start/end marker to current time
While a pair is selected use shift+Z to delete the pair


Crop is given as x:y:w:h where x:y defines the distance left:top from the top left corner and w:h defines the width:height of the output video. Each value is a positive integer in units of pixels. w and h can also be iw and ih respectively for the input width and input height.


  1. If you're new to userscripts checkout the homepage at https://greasyfork.org for instructions.
  2. Checkout the companion script for copying gfy links from the gfycat upload results page as markdown at https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/369871-gfy2md
  3. The script can be slow to load sometimes, so wait a bit before adding markers.
  4. Use ',' and '.' or '<' and '>' to view a video frame by frame
  5. Use [space_bar] to pause/play the video
  6. Refresh the page if the script doesn't load and to clear markers when switching videos in the same window

Output Script Usage

python ./clip.py -h # Prints help. Details all options and arguments. 

python ./clip.py ./filename.webm

python ./clip.py ./filename.webm --overlay ./overlay.png --gfycat

python ./clip.py -f bestvideo+bestaudio --audio --url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vrdgDdPApQ


  • ffmpeg must be in your path for the python script (https://www.ffmpeg.org)
  • passing --url to the python script requires youtube-dl be in your path
    • pip install youtube-dl
  • urllib3 is required by the python script only with --gfycat:
    • pip install urllib3

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