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Version: 1.0.1+da29c25 updated

Summary: Tools for automating tasks on gfycat.com

License: ISC



Copy urls on any Gfycat page for managing gfys in various formats.


Ctrl+Q: Copy gfy links in sorted order and in plain format.
Ctrl+Shift+Q: Copy gfy links numbered in sorted order.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q: Copy gfy links and titles in numbered and sorted order.


Convert urls on any Gfycat page for managing gfys to reddit markdown.


Ctrl+Shift+A: Copy gfy links as markdown.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A: Copy gfy links as html iframes.

Gfys will be organized and sectioned by source video if the source can be detected and is valid. Gfys with a title containing [platform@videoID] are currently supported. Gfys containing just [videoID] will assume the platform is youtube.

  • For example, a gfy with the title turtles-[youtube@LXb3EKWsInQ]-1 or turtles-[LXb3EKWsInQ]-1 has a platform value of youtube and a videoID value of LXb3EKWsInQ. The source url will thus be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXb3EKWsInQ or similar.
  • Currently supported platform tags: youtube, vlive.



On any Gfycat page for managing gfys and with tag inputs available:

Ctrl+Shift+X: Copy tags from first gfy on page to all gfys on page.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X: Delete last tag from all gfys on page.



Ctrl+Shift+S: Paginate current gfycat profile and add gfy fuzzy search and buttons for sorting and copying gfy links. On hover an overlay presents some gfy information (view count, like count, etc.). Refresh the page when navigating to a new profile. Note that it may take a long time to fetch pages initially.

Gfy-Tools Changelog


gfy2clipboard changes

  • Fix copying gfy links when gfy title is not editable.

gfy2md changes

  • Fix copying gfy links in markdown or iframe format when gfy title is not editable.


gfy2md changes

  • Add support for youtube and vlive platform tags in gfy title.
    • Gfys with a title containing [platform@videoID] will include a link to the source provided the platform is recognized.
    • Gfys with a title containing [videoID] will assume the platform is youtube.
  • Add detecting and including multiple sources.
  • Add sections to formatting of output, each section separated by source.


gfy-paginate changes

  • Add buttons for sorting gfys by date and by likes.
  • Add toggling between descending and ascending sort to all sort buttons.
  • Add like count to gfy text overlays.
  • Add transparency to gfy text overlays.
  • Move gfy text overlays to top-left.


  • Add buttons for copying gfy links inside gfy-paginate.
  • Add current loaded percentage to loading spinner for fetching gfys in gfy-paginate.
  • Reduce fuzzy search match threshold making search more strict.


  • Fix fuzzy searching preferring closer matches in terms of proximity rather than matches closer in terms of characters.


  • Add view count overlay to gfys on hover in gfy-paginate.


  • Fix sorting in gfy-paginate.


  • Add sorting to gfy-paginate using buttons beside search bar. For now one can only sort gfys by views.


  • Add experimental fuzzy search of gfycat profiles while pagination is enabled.
  • Add loading spinner.


  • Add experimental pagination of gfycat profiles.


  • Remove redundant hotkeys (Ctrl+Shift+Z Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z) for generating md or html.


  • Fix replacing spaces in video id with underscores when generating source links.


  • Fix failing to detect video id when it contains spaces instead of underscores due to gfycat.


  • Use html for source and album links when copying gfys as html iframes.


  • Fix auto-scaling of iframe width and height.


  • Add Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A for copying gfy links as html iframes.


  • Handle key press repeats when a hotkey is held down. For example, holding Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X will rapidly delete all tags from last down to first from all gfys on page.


  • Add Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X for deleting last tag from all gfys on page.


  • Fix gfy2md breaking when gfy titles missing video ID wrapped in square brackets.
  • Fix gfy2md not detecting video IDs in gfy titles with - or _ characters.


  • Add gfy2clipboard shortcuts for copying gfys in various plain formats.



  • Fix gfy2md hotkeys.

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