eileen12 / HaremHeroes Automatic

when i activate it, nothing happens,
fix from twelve still woking.. ill try to see to log, but not sure where is :D

Also, use v3.0 and tell me what website are you using the script on.

Keep log open and then refresh the page. Possibly restart your browser and use incognito.

Its working for me as well. I think eileen12 is right about you needing to restart the browser.

auto arena working, autopachinko looks like not working too, misions and contest not sure, but looks like working because have log in console, just autosal nothing

I think there is a rouge cookie...
Delete the cookies and all should be fine.

AutoPachinko working for me.
Did you somehow get another free pachinko before 24hrs?

yep, cookies clean help
then now ill wait to autopachinko if work or not

pachinko say this

Time to fetch Pachinko.
VM217 userscript.html:688 Navigating to Pachinko window.
VM217 userscript.html:875 autoLoop Disabled
VM250 userscript.html:708 Time to fetch Pachinko.
VM250 userscript.html:670 Detected Pachinko Screen. Fetching Pachinko
VM250 userscript.html:864 Restoring page https://nutaku.haremheroes.com/home.html
home.html:93 GET https://nutaku.haremheroes.com/020/square.jpg 404 (Not Found)
home.html:349 GET https://nutaku.haremheroes.com/020/square.jpg 404 (Not Found)

bug.. you mean that on main screen is showed you have something to collect, and nothing can be collected? (same as when it sycked on loop), or that it not return to main page after collecting sals?

little idea, troll battle with specific troll should be nice (good for events, or in my case to collect remaining girls from them)

Ok, I'm not sure if its a bug or not but I did notice some strange behavior.
I think chrome might not be deleting expired cookies...

Also, if you free pachinko is gone, it means the script used and it works fine.

Yep, chrome takes a while to delete expired cookies.
But it doesn't take long and I think its fine.
If this causes too many problems I'll use an alternative code in the future.

Please post ideas as separate issues and I might implement them when I find the time.

Issue closed.