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little idea: troll battle with specific troll should be nice
good for events, or in my case to collect remaining girls from them

A good time of the day. The problem with the HaremHeroes script Automatic v3.0 works all but AutoSalary, all the cookies are removed from the chrome. AutoSalary only works HaremHeroes Automatics v2.7.3 + 7e6afad. Check everything and correction at the end when you have free time with respect. Avangorn.

Along with the troll selection I have been wondering if there was a way for it to auto fight trolls that have girls remaining using some sort of search function. The class for the girls icon is "girls_reward girl_ico" and considering that it vanishes after all the girls are gotten I figure this may be an interesting thing to add at some point.

Re: @3jameo3:
yes, good point, but what if is girl available on more than one troll? (example i still have girls on two trolls (yesterday it was 3)

Re: @Cronosus:

In a nutshell it would be a search that finds the first troll with girls starting from href="/battle.html?id_troll=1" to the last one that your account can do which is the way it currently does the trolls. Once the first troll has no more girls the search would start again and find the next troll you are able to do that has girls. Then say well what if the search returns nothing well lets have the search wait 24 hours and then search again in case of an event or new area. While it is waiting it would do as it always does and do the last troll for money.

I think that should cover all the bases concerning the girl hunting.

Seem that the Trick to Open in New Tab the world you want to fight Troll doesn't work with v3.0 anymore. v3.0 always check for

Latest World > Troll Fight > Latest World > Loop

So +1 to this feature or bring back
World > Troll > World > Troll

Re: @eileen12:

VM7630 userscript.html:653 Custom troll fight.
VM7630 userscript.html:654 Fighting troll at: Gems Kingdom
VM7630 userscript.html:667 Troll world at: https://nutaku.haremheroes.com/world/2
VM7630 userscript.html:1025 autoLoop Disabled
VM7658 userscript.html:653 Custom troll fight.
VM7658 userscript.html:654 Fighting troll at: Gems Kingdom
VM7658 userscript.html:210 Navigating to page: map
VM7658 userscript.html:373 Navigating to worldmap.
VM7658 userscript.html:658 Finding unlocked worlds...
VM7658 userscript.html:1025 autoLoop Disabled

Infinite loop not sure if its just gems kingdom though but the latest troll still works fine.

Re: @eileen12:

While investigating further it seems as though once the troll map comes up the worldMap var becomes false thus resulting in the infinite loop. Which I am guessing that the worldMap var is not being stored anywhere to prevent that instead it is constantly being checked and then changed as the page changes.

Re: @eileen12:

Working properly for now still waiting to see if it works after AutoQuesting kicks in and changes the map, but from what I have witnessed so far I doubt it will be an issue.

So far no errors funny how code placement can mean infinite loop or not :).

Re: @gobub:

Have you made sure you are using the latest version? Mine hasn't had an infinite loop since Eileen12 fixed the problem which also would sometimes have that address in previous versions.