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Could you implement an antomatisim for the daily missions?

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3jameo3 has written auto missions and I have been messing around with it on my machine as well. Might be a good idea to bring it in so the three of us can work on hammering out the issues in it.

Re: @twelve27:
know this script, but it just making this atomatic script to stop working (then good only if you need to stop this "loop bug") but useless if you use this script too

Mine is just a basic version for missions that works most of the time. My JavaScript knowledge is not good enough to make it fully work all of the time. So if anyone wants to tinker with the code go for it. It can be added into this script without much difficulties as well.

Based on the old code of this script

That link is the entire script I run which also has a few fixes here and there that still haven't been addressed in this one. Such as the AutoQuest not correctly running when the end_play button needs energy or money. I also prefer the old version of pachinko where it actually counts to 24hrs before attempting to run again instead of it being based on the timers of the site.

Well, I've added AutoContest to collect contest rewards and I've also added some code for AutoMission which isn't done yet.

I want to add some complex mission decision logic but I'm not sure if that's required. If anyone can come up with a Best Mission Selection logic, I'm all ears ;)

Done in v3.0
Currently, it blindly selects the first mission though.

Re: @eileen12:

I'm not sure if there really is a way to do what is best. Personally I've generally done the epic missions and worked my way down to smaller time when selecting missions out of preference. If there is a really long mission I'll set that one before I am away from my PC for a while or about to sleep. Since this is automatic I think any order should be just fine. A first mission selection seems perfectly fine.

Re: @gobub:

Wow I was not ready for @eileen12 version of Automission. It does collection for you too. And it doesn't just collect 1 or 2. It COLLECT THE WHOLE completed.

That was too scary! I usually wait manually when to collect them (reset shop) and level reset/up.

Anyway, should I make a new Issue to request a second option not to collect mission?