eileen12 / HaremHeroes Automatic

Bit of a weird complain I guess. The AutoArena working too perfectly, it is really fast, it re-try system is fast also. But it weakness is that it just too fast.

(1) It too fast so sometime the Server didn't response properly and the battle have to be Fight again (no Win/Lost result yet)
(2) It too fast and you can't see you Victory reward (Mojo, Affection, XP). Previously you have at least 1 second or so to see it.

I can't slow it down due to how the script is structured and how javascript handles execution.
I have been considering a complete remake though.

For what it is worth, I would consider the speed to be a feature, not a bug. The idea is to automate, if you need to supervise the results, you are better off not automating and just hand clicking.

I'm not really asking for a 10 second or a 1 minute delay wait time here though. The previous setup (muffin_mans's fork) seem to provide that "downtime" quite well. It was about 500 milisecond before it begin the fight, but eileen version start battle probably within 100 ms.

This of course sometime caused Server Not Responding error.

The result of eileen version is also quick, it just go back to Arena page for a Re-check and Re-try. Whereas muffin_mans fork it delay it about 1 seconds or so. Giving ample time to see the result.

For the time being I actually want to leave a second copy of muffin_mans version and use it for those occasion. It just too bad you have deleted it.

I didn't change anything in the script and the script has always executed without any wait. I don't know how the 1 sec. delay appears for you but the script was never programmed for it. Also, to do it I'll have to redesign the whole script possibly using new ES6 features which will need the latest versions of chrome/firefox or any other browser.

I do want to redesign the whole script since that will allow easier maintenance but it'll just take too much time right now.