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Because the daily reward screen happens after the arena page is loaded, and the button detection isn't in the battle loop logic, there is no way for the script to break out of the battle loop after an arena battle daily reward is triggered.

Yeah, this is still an issue. I've been investigating it slowly while trying to prioritize other stuff that breaks. This is something we see happen with both the arena as well as the auto missions in the other version of the script on this site for the final koban collection. Hopefully we can find a way to click them properly instead of odd workarounds.

Re: @twelve27:

Slightly unrelated question. Have you noticed the much faster session timeout? I haven't tried other browsers beyond Chrome, but I have noticed the timeout is now so fast that without an auto-refresh, the session often dies before another automatic action can trigger.

Re: @muffin_mans:

I haven't noticed anything lately but I have been using auto-refresh for a while now because of a few incidents before where the session timed out and my page was just errored. There has been a lot of server work apparently so maybe it is connected to that?

Re: @eileen12:
The rewards you earn at 4, 8, and 16 wins in the arena. The script will be stuck there when you earn one of them.

I don't think we need to click the Groovy button to collect the prize.

I'm not sure though. Someone, please use the script and see if the reward is still given to you without clicking that button.

I'll have new opponents soon. I don't think the script should have any problems but I'll see if the script gets stuck.

Re: @eileen12:
Oops, yeah, hangs is the right term. "Stuck" and "break" really don't describe it well. I'll update to the new 3.0 and try to remember to take a look tonight to see how it reacts.

Re: @eileen12:

This problem for sure still exists it's acting as if the script isn't recognizing the button when it appears if the site lags.