ds3v / Gitlab review extension


Version: 0.6.8+7de1073 updated

Summary: File approving for gitlab!

Copyright: 2019, ds3v (https://openuserjs.org//users/ds3v)

License: MIT

Review extension for gitlab.

File approving
This extension adds buttons for controling file approve:
Buttons for file approving
Approved file with button for cancelling approve and avatar of approver

Now supported two types of file approving:

  1. Local. Approves available only on current PC.
  2. Shared. Approves share via firebase DB.
    Note: You can specify you own URL and API key for firebase DB in the settings. The database should be accessible for read/write without authentification

This extension provides 4 types of filters:

  1. Moved files without content changes.
  2. File with only changes fired by package renaming/moving.
  3. File with only added/removed empty lines
  4. Filter by file path pattern

Node: You can see the content of filtered files by clicking on this button(only when filtered files shown, see review panel):
The unhide button

The review panel
The review panel

  1. Shows review progress
  2. Shows merge request stats: the count of approved files, the count of filtered files, total count of changed files.
  3. Button for adding filter
  4. Control for show/hide filtered files.
  5. Control for show/hide already approved files.

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