chacham / Amazon Star percent to number


Thanks for the nice script. It is very helpful to get those numbers back. But it wouldn't work in other countries, so it would be nice, if you could use wildcards in the link, like amazon.*

I've tested following links and it worked:

// @include http://*.amazon.*/dp/* // @include https://*.amazon.*/dp/* // @include http://*.amazon.*/*/dp/* // @include https://*.amazon.*/*/dp/* // @include http://*.amazon.*/review/* // @include https://*.amazon.*/review/* // @include http://*.amazon.*/*/product/* // @include https://*.amazon.*/*/product/* // @include http://*.amazon.*/product-reviews/* // @include https://*.amazon.*/product-reviews/* // @include http://*.amazon.*/*/product-reviews/* // @include https://*.amazon.*/*/product-reviews/* // @include http://*.amazon.*/*/customer-reviews/* // @include https://*.amazon.*/*/customer-reviews/*

I wish i would get emails when someone leaves a message. :/ I just happened to check right now.

I need to fix the script anyway as the html elements that hold the numbers have changed. I will hopefully make the wildcard change you requested as well. Thank you for the message.