almaceleste / Youtube Player Always On Top


Version: 0.5.0+688de12 updated

Summary: this code makes the youtube player visible while scrolling





License: AGPL-3.0-or-later;

Libraries Used

maximized minimized

makes the youtube player visible while scrolling - minimizes the player box from a large box in the center to a small box in the upper left corner and allows you to read comments and watch video at the same time


  • makes the player smaller/bigger when you scroll page down/up
  • you could use the minimize/maximize button in the upper right corner of the player for the same result
  • use settings to choose what will be on top, minimized box' size, border and background.

known issue

  • does not work when you open video from the youtube channel in the same tab
  • when minimized, the progress bar displays the correct visible info, but when you hover over it shows the wrong time and a tooltip preview and when you click it moves to the this position rather than the expected one (this is the reason for youtube's deep code, and I don't know how to fix this yet)

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