ZerataX / unlimited favs


Version: 0.6.5+eb672b2 updated

Summary: Adds unlimited local favorite lists to sadpanda

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

License: GPL-3.0

GitHub: https://github.com/ZerataX/unlimted_favorites

Unlimted Favorites

creates locally stored favorite lists for sadpanda


  • unlimited favorite lists
  • unlimted notes (not for the 10 standard favorites lists)
  • export/import unlimited you new lists as a json
  • works with both domains


Try to disable other userscripts and refresh the website, if it the script works you can try turning them on again, if not please submit an Issue so I can try to make the compatible.

I noticed that E-Hentai Highlighter stops the script from working, but after disabling it, refreshing and turning it on again, both work (though the highlights won't work on the new favoriteslists on /favorites.php)


  • You can not search through unlimited_favorites [I can maybe replicate the search to some degree]
  • If a gallery get's updated the new instance will not be favorited
  • Show All Favorites does not show unlimited_favorites
  • Favorites are saved by local time not server time
  • Using the options on /favorites.php to resort your favorites to different lists does not work
  • /favorites.php still looks a bit akward



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