ZerataX / toomanytags


Version: 1.7.4+208889b updated

Summary: Copies Tags from other sites (currently only panda)

License: MIT


Adds tags from panda to tsumino/pururin
Source: https://github.com/ZerataX/toomanytags


  1. Enter a valid panda url into the notes field
  2. Click load tags
  3. Approve the tags by pressing enter or clicking on the dropdown field, or modify the tag until you find the tsumino equivalent.
    it's pretty wacky and weird on pururin, but I'm not really going to look into this until the tag search is more stable.
  4. Click next tag to continue with the next
  5. Once you reach for example 15/15 the next tag will be the category tag




Install Tampermonkey


Install Greasemonkey Please use Tampermonkey, since I don't yet understand the way Greasemonkey sandboxes.


Go to https://openuserjs.org/scripts/ZerataX/toomanytags and click install

Known Bugs

  1. Buttons look ugly
  2. Non-h will be typed into the category tag and not the tag input field (on tsumino that is)
  3. Wrong urls will not give a visible error outside of the console log
  4. Tsumino probably doesn't work I haven't tested that in years, but nobody complained

Rating: 0