TrustyPatches / Random Topics Bar


Version: 1.2+a65dd31 updated

Summary: Places links to random topics at the top of the frontpage

License: MIT;

What's it do?

This script is for It places links to random topics at the top of the frontpage.

How it looks.

Be sure to take a look at the options at the top of the script!


1.2 - Buttons on left now auto-hide, script loads on any page now but topics still have to be generated on the frontpage, topics counter moved up to navbar, links properly formatted, added visibility toggle, added option to show/hide links on start, check if user is logged in (topics list won't load if not logged in).

1.1 - rewrote functions to fix the script hanging when repeatedly generating new topics.

1.02 - made it so truncate option can be disabled.

1.01 - fixed links with an ampersand not working.

Be sure to check out my Minor Enhancements script.

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