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Summary: Adds a collection of customizable tweaks, enhancements, and new features to


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What is Tsumino Enhanced?
It's a collection of customizable tweaks, enhancements, and new features for
The changelog for Tsumino Enhanced can now be found here.
Redirected to the "Userscripts not allowed" post on Tsumino? Update now to fix it!
You can also read my response to that post over here.

Also on GitHub, as always.
There's also a GreasyFork Mirror


Configuration is easy.
Simply click the ENHANCED link at the top of any page.
From there, you can check the different categories of Enhancements at the top of the page.
Pick and choose which Enhancements you want to use, and then configure them to your liking.


While it's normally quite clingy, with this Enhancement the Tsumino navigation bar will no longer follow you as you scroll down.
It will respect your personal space, and wait patiently at the top of the page until you scroll back up to see it again.

The aptly named Record Keeper Enhancement keeps a record of what Doujin you've read.
This record includes the ID number of the Doujin, the total number of pages it has, the last page you read, and whether or not you finished reading it.
While browsing, unread Doujin will retain the normal blue border.
Doujin you have started but haven't finished will have a yellow border.
Doujin you've finished reading will have a green border.
Additionally, the information overlay will now contain this information.
There will also be a 'Continue Reading' button on the book info page if you have previously read a Doujin past the first page.

STYLE TWEAKS (Returning soon!)
Style Tweaks are a collection of small tweaks to Tsumino's appearance.

  • Darker Background
    Changes the color of Tsumino's background from light black to dark black.


Browsing Tweaks are a collection of small modifications to your browsing experience.

  • Thumbnail Links
    You no longer have to specifically click View Info to load a doujin.
    Clicking anywhere on the thumbnail image will load the Doujin as well.

  • Remove Sidebar
    Removes the "Random Picks" sidebar.

  • More Books
    Displays one extra book per row.

  • Skip Info
    Skips the book info page and takes you directly to the reader.
    The button to view info is retained, but a new "Read" button is added.
    While using the Thumbnail Links tweak, clicking the cover image will take you directly to the reader.

Adds a new link to Tsumino's browse menu. "ALL TAGS (LITE)"
Clicking it launches the Browse Tags Lite modal window.
Tags are sorted alphabetically and categorized by the first letter.
Click a letter at the top to view tags that start with that letter.
The tag list is downloaded automatically the first time you open BTL.


By enabling this Enhancement, you negate the need to load the entire Tsumino webpage again every time you flip through a Doujin.
This means faster load times, and not losing sight of the previous page until the instant the new page is loaded.
Seamless Viewing Leaves the previous image in place until the new one is ready.
Once the new image is ready, you are automatically scrolled up to the top of the image, ready to start reading the new page.

SLIDESHOW (Returning soon!)
Configure how long you'd like to spend on each page.
Too much text to read in that amount of time on a particular page?
Press SHIFT to pause the slideshow instantly so you can catch up.
Once you're finished reading, press SHIFT again to start the slideshow back up immediately.
The slideshow also features an unobtrusive timer that lets you know how long you have until the next page is loaded.
While this is enabled by default, you can easily disable it from the configuration page.

INFINITY SCROLLING (Returning soon!)
Infinity Scrolling allows you to simply scroll down on the reader to load the next page.
Once the new page has been prepared, it will be placed directly below the previous one.
Simply keep scrolling to load more pages.
If you're also using the Page Jumping Enhancement, you can press SHIFT to toggle the menu.

This Enhancement automatically scrolls you directly to the top of the doujin image once the page is loaded.
This lets you always see as much of the image as possible when the page is loaded, with no need to scroll manually.

Adds a dropdown box to the Reader that lets you skip directly to a page.

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