Tobias.Kelmandia / Furaffinity Enhanced


Version: updated

Summary: Adds new features, fixes bugs, and more!

License: MIT;



  • Add and remove favorites without leaving the page. (AJAXified favorites.)
  • Adds a link to view story submissions in GDocs.
  • Scales overly large submissions down so that they no longer stretch off the screen.
  • Automatically scrolls down to the submission proper on submission pages.


  • Converts FA Search to GET, so you can share the URL.
  • New searches now open the advanced options by default.
  • Automatically scrolls down to search results.
  • If you view a submission from search results and then go back, you will be taken back to where you were on that page of the search results.

Coming Soon:

  • A configuration page for FAE. (Enable / Disable / Customize FAE Enhancements.)
  • Beta site compatibility.

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