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Version: 1.1+0d6a545 updated

Summary: Manual Server Selection and Water Spawn Fix for Craftnite

Copyright: 2021, Temm (https://openuserjs.org/users/Temm)

License: GPL-3.0-or-later

A Utility script for craftnite.io
How to install:
Download the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome, then hit the install button on this page.

This script fixes spawning in the Water in the middle of nowhere (you probably know what i'm talking about).
It also adds the ability to see what server you are currently on & to manually select a server to join.

To manually rejoin a server, first remember the server name (shown in the bottom left of the screen while you are ingame using this script - next to the healhbar).
Example: ffa4.craftnite.io
Now, in the main menu, enter either just "ffa4" or the whole "ffa4.craftnite.io" into the input box below the play button.
Click Play. You are now back on the server you wanted to rejoin!
This is useful when you want to rejoin a server where you had built something / made a team, but lost connection or had to leave for a while.

Upvote the script if you find it useful, it motivates me to continue improving it.
Have Fun!

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