Ssieth / Storium Improver


Version: 2.10.0+27330f3 updated

Summary: Storium Page Improvements

Copyright: 2017, Ssieth

License: MIT

Storium Improver

Adding extra functionality to Storium (

Most of the settings can be found in a new 'settings' menu added to the menu at the top of the screen.

The forum thread for the script can be found here:

Latest Version Information


Added the option (found in Game Page Settings) to show the games internal ID (gamePid) in the title of the game, on the game page. You can also opt to link that to the behind-the-scenes data for the current scene. This isn't that useful on a day-to-day basis and so is off buy default but it can be handy for script development or if you need access to an old draft of a post.


Fixed a bug with some icons not displaying correctly.


Improve grouping of games in notifications


Fix notifications processing for new style of notification link


Now card data with actual usernames and actual card names :)


Omits 'empty' wild card entries when getting card data


Now has a link in game page for getting card data. You can, as usual, doisable it in settings.


Updated slack character export to include image tags.


Added option to clean card images of info tags when a user hovers over them.


Quick CSS fix for wandering ghost box on Grammarly plugin for firefox.


Added option to change colour of preview styling.
Added ability to update which Trello list each game is in from the notifications page.


Added Trello list status to notifications page. You can switch this off in settings


Added Trello list status to homepage. You can switch this off in settings


Added some Trello integration code. See forum thread (link above) for more details.


Fixed search feature


Updated the "Slack Chars" link to go straight to cabbitpad. Also added one for TMI character lists.


A lot of under-the-hood stuff to minimize script injection. Also a fix for Table of Contents and search on earlier scenes than the current one.


Added censor tags... +[ and ]+ can be wrapped around text to give a censor bar style effect to anyone using the script. Clicking it makes the text appear as normal.


Some objects have moved around in the underlying data. Have compensated for that to fix ToC and search.


Bug fix for recognizing challenges with whitespace at the start or end of their names


Improved the processing of the option to remove images from games.
Now takes those images and 'anonymizes' them but leaves placeholders so you can see an image is there.


Added option to hide favourite buttons/counts (off by default)


Added option to show link to banner image for game pages


Fixed entry processing bug


You can now edit tasks


Now reloads tasks before displaying the task list so that anything changed in another tab is represented in the list.


Added a task-list feature. It is on by default and can be switched off in settings (as usual). It adds a Tasks item to the main menu where you can managed your tasks (along with a count of tasks if you have any). When you add a task you can specify a title, a url and a priority. Title and url are defaulted if you add the task from within a game page. The url is clickable from the task list.


A bit of a tidy-up of user notes function to try and avoid it misrecognizing usernames quite so much.


Added a new link at the top the front page that provides a list of characters from the front page games in a format that the slack "/roll c" type functions can digest. You can switch it on (it is off by default) from the Homepage settings.


Fixed compact and semi-compact homepage formats.
Added option to remove the quotes box on the homepage.


Fixed an issue where clicking on a scene link in the ToC would close the act/chapter that scene was inside.


This version improves the search functionality added in the last release (especially for larger games). The improvements are down to Josh and Stephen providing me details of some behind-the-scenes api stuff to improve the efficiency of grabbing the data. This is especially true for large and complex games.

I stress-tested it on Halfway Home which has 52 fairly large, complex scenes. Thanks to @prester for passing on the link for that :)

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