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Version: 1.0.6+954f77b updated

Summary: The original fullsize images downloader, and viewer for more than 20 booru imageboards




Copyright: 2018, Se7en (

License: MIT

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Short description

This script allows you to download/view images on the various imageboard sites. When download mode is enabled, make a simple click on the image thumbnail to start donwloading the image. Use Left/Right1 hotkeys to navigate, when viewing images.


  1. Shift+A - download all the ready (initialized) images
  2. Shift+D - switch the Download Mode on/off
  3. Shift+I - (re)initialize the images
    it is usefull for imageboards with auto paging, or when some images are not initialized due to an error 429 (too many requests)
  4. Shift+M - open/close the user menu window
  5. Shift+V - open/close the viewer
  6. Left/Right - view previous/next image1

1 use Ctrl+Left/Right on imageboards, because the Left/Right hotkeys are attached to paginator

List of supported imageboards:,,, (,, etc.), (both sankaku:,, (3dbooru),,,,,,,, (all subdomains),,,,,,,


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