Quackmaster / Quack Toolsammlung

Ok thanks for that.

It may have a fault or it's not working at all, it shows a player in our world as being inactive for a long period of time even though he is actively playing.

It's possible because I (or Tonda's townsearch) don't have access to the exact online times of a player (that would be terrible for all my ingame enemies ^^). The calculation of the inactivity is based on the last gain of citypoints or offensive points of a player. We thought that if you made citypoints or did attack someone you were definitely online the last few hours. So the display just gives you a hint if someone could be inactive or shows at least shows that a player is considerably low in activity. What I do is then check the stats of the player on Grepo Stats to see his/her development in the last weeks. All combined it's a good indicator to find some easy targets ;)