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Version: 1.4+25a16a0 updated

Summary: Tweaks Hentai Cafe, making it easier to use, and easier to save doujin for offline enjoyment.



Copyright: 2020, ProxyFiend (

License: MIT

Libraries Used

Warning: This script is for a site with adult content. I am not responsible for any legal issues that could arise from use by a minor.

Hentai Cafe Tweaks

This is heavy overhaul of my old script, Hentai Cafe Downloader.

This script adds a handy download button to Hentai Cafe, as well as completely overhauling the keyboard shortcuts when viewing a manga. This is in response to a very frustrating delay when trying to scroll using arrow keys, as well as the inconsistency when trying to switch between pages.

Change Log


  • Fixed support for new URLs the website uses.
  • Added the ability to switch the extension of downloads between zip and cbz for use in a comic reader.


  • Changed library to ProxyFiendLib, due to licensing issue.


  • The script prefix key was living in the past. Updated it to reflect the new shiny script title.


  • Overhauled code layout
  • Made that funky download button more robust.
  • Got rid of their glitchy keyboard shortcuts, and replaced it with code that actually works. Thanks @TheNijex for your keybind wisdom.
  • Cleaned up my debug situation.


  • Fixed page detection


  • Added animations to the progress bar and download button.
  • Added flags so you don't download 13 copies of the same manga.


  • Initial release.


Please report bugs on GitHub, as I am always active on GitHub.
Make sure that when creating a new issue, you make it clear for which userscript that issue is for.


This script is released under the MIT Public License.

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