Nickel / Extra blog buttons


Version: 0.1.3+4f7f67d updated

Summary: Add extra navigation buttons to the upper left corner of tumblr blogs


Copyright: 2014, Nickel

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0

Add extra buttons to the upper left corner of each tumblr blog. This is especially useful for blogs with shitty themes that hide/move buttons, or to navigate the blog without having to even move the mouse between pages!

The buttons are:

Locate post on dash - jump on the dashboard to the currently opened post (to write replies) - Only works on recent posts and only works if you're following that blog

Liked by - show posts liked by this blog - only works if they allowed this in the settings and only works on main blogs, not side blogs

Archive - quickly navigate to the blog's archive

Home - quickly navigate to the blog's home

Prev/Next page - self-explanatory

TODO: Add ask/submit buttons

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