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Version: 0.1.0+cfeead3

Summary: A userscript that collapses markdown headers


License: MIT

A userscript that collapses markdown headers

  • This script makes all markdown headers clickable and toggles the view of all content between same level headers (e.g. between H2 headers).

  • It works on readme, issues, markdown preview, & wiki pages. Pretty much everywhere on GitLab.

  • Click on any header to toggle the view of the content below it.

  • Use Shift + Click to toggle the view of all same level header content.

  • When the content of a header is expanded, all sub-headers are also expanded.

  • Links within the header are still clickable.

  • Can be used along with the GitLab-collapse-in-comment userscript.

  • Use the userscript addon to change these settings (see screenshot below):

    • "Set GitLab collapse markdown state" to collapsed (expanded by default) which collapses all header content (except h1) initially.

    • "Set GitLab collapse markdown colors" to an JSON array with six color values (accepts named, hex, rgb, hsl, etc). For example:

      // palette generated by
      // (colorblind friendly; soft)
      ["#6778d0", "#ac9c3d", "#b94a73", "#56ae6c", "#9750a1", "#ba543d"]

      These six colors apply to the H1 through H6 header arrows respectively.

      • After changing either option, make sure to reload the page (Shift + F5) to have the updated setting take effect.

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