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Version: 0.2.17+1c0fc0f updated

Summary: A userscript that sorts comments by reaction



License: MIT

A userscript that sorts comments by reaction

  • The userscript adds a block of buttons under the first post.
    • The sort block is not visible when an issue has less than 2 reactions.
    • Block Avatar:
      • The initial avatar shows an up & down arrow to indicate no default reaction or sort is applied.
      • Clicking on this avatar will toggle the view of the reaction selection block.
      • Once you choose a reaction from the block, it becomes your set preference and the block avatar.
      • A small round sort icon will appear in the bottom right corner. Clicking on it will change the sort.
    • Clicking on a sort reaction button or avatar sort icon will sort the comments by the selected reaction: "+1", "-1", "laugh", "hooray", "confused" and "heart".
    • One extra button is included (speak no evil 🙊 monkey):
      • Clicking it will sort the comments using a calculated value based on all reactions for that comment.
      • The calculated values are as follows: "👍", "🎉" & "❤️" = +1; "😄" = +0.5; "😕" = -0.5; "👎" = -1.
    • The first click applies a descending sort, the second an ascending sort and the third click restores the comment order.
    • Comments without a reaction and comments with the same (calculated) number of reactions will be added depending on its original order (stable sort).
  • Progressively loaded comments:
    • The "load more comments" button will be moved to the top, immediately under the sort block. For easy access.
    • New comments are supposed to be included in the sort, but you may need to resort the column anyway. I'll troubleshoot the mutations script and fix this soon.




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