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Version: 1.6+f389831 updated

Summary: Inkarnate Mods!

Copyright: 2017, Lex_The_Great (https://openuserjs.org/users/Lex_The_Great)

License: MIT

Libraries Used

InkMod is not affiliated with Inkarnate. I do not claim ownership of Inkarnate.
InkMod is a local-modification. It only modifies what Incarnate sends to you. (Like changing the background color of google to black so your eyes don't hurt x.x)
InkMod does not redistributes source code, but inserts it's own.


InkMod Updated! 6/18/2018



  • Settings Menu (Bottom right, Change variables in here)
  • Replace Background Image (Ocean to url)
  • MapSize (See below on how to use)
  • LargeMode (Move around UI to fit larger map Sizes)


Please request what you want so I know what to work on!



Background Image (Requires new map):

  1. Go to /maps.
  2. Open the Settings Menu (Bottom right)
  3. Input URL of image.
  4. Save.
  5. Create new map.

Map Size (Requires new map, or already modded map):

  1. Go to /maps.
  2. Open the Settings Menu (Bottom right)
  3. Change w/h. I recommend 2048/1536 then save (Make sure to save!).
  4. Create/Load map
    4b. If you are loading a map that has been changed with this mod, follow the steps above. For the map size, set it at the map size you used to create the map. If you do not do this, it will not expand to the saved maps size.

Large Mode:

  1. Tick/Untick it
  2. Save :P


Known Bugs:

  • Large mode breaks map selection's center.


Other Info:

  • All map options require a new map. They set the value for the default map so there are no issues.


Images (Outdated):

https://puu.sh/yCTAk/64ad0c1c57.jpg -> Map made in Commercial with MapSize

https://puu.sh/yCzOz/afb92da40f.jpg -> Nice image of MapSize enabled




This requires the Browser Extension Tampermonkey.

Currently this only works in FireFox. Chrome does not have a working hook for injecting into .js files. For chrome to work you need to do manual stuff. Sorry :( I'm a chrome fan my self but there wasn't a way.


TamperMonkey Script:



Source Code:



Have fun!

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