Klopfer / IMX.TO Direktlink on GirlsReleased


Version: 0.7+091dc50 updated

Summary: Replaces Image URIs on GirlsReleased with direct links to the image files on,, or

License: MIT

Direct Image Links in

Links to images in sets on usually lead to, an image host which tends to go overboard with ad redirects, often to sites of questionable reputation and attempts to get you to install malware on your PC. This script for Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey/Violentmonkey and similar browser add-ons enables to change the links to the actual image servers uses.

Since v0.3 it also changes the links to images hosted on
Since v0.5 it also changes the links to images hosted on
v0.6 works with the new design of GirlsReleased (August 8th 2023).
Since v0.7 it also changes the links to images hosted on


Click on install. So easy!


If you don't see the drop-down list and the "Convert hyperlinks" button when looking at a set, please refresh the page.
When Girlsreleased presents you with the thumbnails in a set, try the server options and press the button. The background color of the Thumbnails should change. Try all server options until the link leads you to the desired picture. If the image links lead to,, or, it doesn't matter which server options you choose, just press the button.

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