JRI / Geocaching Map Enhancements

When i open the geocaching map it works for a short time, then everyting is grey and nothing is loading before i restart the browser.
Then it works for a very short time and then the same thing again

I'm not seeing this problem myself, so you'll need to give me some more information. Are you using Chrome on a Mac, a PC, or something else? Have you installed GME directly as a native Chrome extension, or are you using Tampermonkey? If you disable GME, does the problem go away? Are there any error messages showing in the Chrome console (on the PC, you press Ctrl-Shift-J to see the console). Can you see GME's icons at the bottom-left of the map window?

Generally, if the map goes grey it means that there is a problem with your one of the map servers - perhaps the one that you use for your default map. If you select a different map, it may fix the problem. It can also happen if the map you are using doesn't have coverage of the area or zoom level you are looking at (e.g. MapQuest Ariel in most of Europe), or if your internet connection has gone down.

You can also try these trouble-shooting tips.

Im using Chrome on a PC with Tampermonkey.

When i disable GME the map is ok again. And works without any problem. And i dont get any error messages. I can also se and use the icons in the bottom-left

The problem is with every map, Google, OSM, Bing, Eniro, Mapquest. Sometimes the problem is right away and sometimes it works for a while maybe 15 min.

I've still not noticed this problem on my own system, but I normally only use Chrome for testing scripts. I'll try using it a bit more often to see if it happens to me.

Given that what you are seeing is intermittent, it does sound like a network issue, but I'm not sure why that would affect GME's maps specifically, and leave the Groundspeak-provided defaults still working.

You can check whether it is a network problem by looking in the Network tab of the Chrome Console. Press Ctrl-Shift-J to open the console, and click the Network tab, then pan the map. You should see messages come up as the website requests new map tiles; there will be three main types. map.info files are data - ignore these for now. map.png files come from geocaching.com and show where the geocaches are. The actual map tiles will come from other servers and have a variety of names, but you should be able to recognise them from their thumbnails.

The status code for each map tile file should be 200. If it's not, let me know the code. 403 means a permissions problem, 404 means the file can't be found on the server. 5xx codes are for server errors. The Type of each file should be image/jpeg or image/png. If it's something like text/html, it probably means the server is sending an error message rather than an image. If the time or latency is high (many seconds, rather than microseconds), it could be that there are problems with your internet connection.

If you don't see any requests in the Network console as you pan the map, then there probably is something wrong with the script.

As far as I can see from your screenshot, GME is working OK, but the link to the map server is too slow. The "pending" messages mean that your web browser has asked the server for a map tile, and is waiting for the response. There are lots of possible reasons for this, and not much I can do to fix any of them. The problem could be anywhere along your link: on your own PC, any part of the internet connection to the server, or a problem like overloading on the server itself.

One thing I did notice is that you are still using old settings for Mapquest. In recent versions of GME, I updated URLs to use secure versions of the map servers (https URLS). If you click GME's cog icon to see the configuration screen, then click "Defaults", it will start using the new default settings, which may work better. However, this will also remove any custom map codes you had installed, so make sure you get a copy of these first.