Gustavo6046 / CurseForge Instant Download


Version: 1.0.2+cbc5cbc

Summary: Convenient and instant downloading of Minecraft CurseForge mods.

License: MIT

CurseForge Instant Download

For your cleanest instants.

This is an improved, more convenient version of the original CurseForge Instant Download by TrevTV. The vast majority of the code is rewritten, though.

The key word is clean convenience.


  • Opens download URL in new tab
  • Automatically closes download tab after a brief while (warning: might close too soon if the browser takes more than 2 seconds to start the download or open the download dialog!)
  • Tries to rewind the original download tab to the previous page (closing it if this is not possible.)
  • Attempts to detect and scrape the file's ID if the latter is not in the URL (e.g. clicking the Download button, which downloads the latest file instead of a specific one)


This script was tested for the latest Firefox ESR version, and relies on a relative consistency of browser download behavior. It might not work for Chrome, or your favorite browser; it may, in fact, not even work for latest Firefox with different download settings! Therefore, if something goes wrong, please do write me a bug report, including your browser's version and possibly related settings (like whether it auto-downloads files, etc.), and I will soon take a look at it.

Be patient if your feature or bug fix is taking too long! I wrote this as a hobby, not as a job, and I do not owe anyone responsibility for this script, let alone updating it. I might also not necessarily be available at this point in time, for one of a plethora of reasons.


This script should be triggered automatically whenever a Download link in Minecraft CurseForge, whether this is the latest download button (the small Download button in the upper right corner), or a specific file's download timer.

Enjoy! :)

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