DeathMiner / CsgoPrizes & LeaguePrizes Ticket Farm


Version: 1.2+f17c4da updated

Summary: Hey lazy man! D'you want some help to farm your tickets?


License: MIT

CsgoPrizes & LeaguePrizes Ticket Farm

Hey lazy man! D'you want some help to farm your tickets?

Actually the best way to get some giveways without wasting your time

Working on CsgoPrizes & LeaguePrizes.

This script is now updating automatically, you don't need to go & check updates by yourself.

How to install:

How to use it:


Feel free to report any bug, or suggest me some new features!
Please create the issues on the GitHub Issues Page


CP-FARM v1.2

  • Refresh on high server traffic. Fixed #2
  • Removes more stuff on the page for a faster loading

CP-FARM v1.1

  • Reloads the page on error after a short delay. Fixes #1

CP-FARM v1.0

  • Improved script security
  • Added updateURL & supportURL
  • Cleaner code
  • Improved page loading speed by removing useless elements
  • Improved error handling
  • Warns when user must login
  • Forces the website ticket script to work
  • No more dependency on jQuery
  • Visual popups when error or login needed

CP-FARM v0.3

  • Added LeaguePrizes website support

CP-FARM v0.2

  • Added CF-DDOS Security Check support

CP-FARM v0.1

  • Initial release

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