ClockworkSquirrel / ROBLOX - Get Decal ImageID


Version: 1.0.0+fa2f0d1 updated

Summary: Gets and displays the ID of a decal's image.

License: MIT;

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"Get Decal ImageID" is a basic extension for, which allows you to find the ID of an image linked to a decal. This is useful when uploading new images on the Develop page, and then trying to find the ID for use in Studio. This script may take a while to display, since it has to check the previous asset IDs, one at a time (by default it will check the previous 16). Right click the textbox to automatically copy the ID to the clipboard (or hold CTRL while you right click to access the context menu).

Screenshots [Imgur]

Decal Page Decal Page (Right Click AssetID)
Decal Page (Failed to Find ID)

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