BitTorrentse / YouTube Auto Highers (4k)

Please review the Terms of Service (TOS) link at the bottom of every page regarding acceptable licensing. Pointing it to a forum does not fall withing the TOS.


Re: @BitTorrentse:

I remove it

The least restrictive license is MIT.

So you could change your metadata block from:

// @license    Bit Torrentse ,


// @license    MIT

You already have a reference to your forum site in @copyright although it may need a little improvement.

Re: @BitTorrentse:

The @license looks well... but now your @copyright is not stating that it's you. :\ e.g. you aren't advertising yourself with copyright status.

You might want to consider using:

// @copyright     2014+, Bit Torrentse (

in your scripts for that.

You'll need to make any necessary changes on GitHub too since that is the main repo file for one of your other scripts. If you sync GitHub to here it will overwrite these changes on I don't think that you want that to happen. :)