BitTorrentse / JavaScript Premium Accounts

Please review the Terms of Service (TOS) link at the bottom of every page regarding acceptable licensing. Pointing it to a forum does not fall withing the TOS.


Re: @BitTorrentse:

I remove it

The least restrictive license is MIT.

So you could change your metadata block from:

// @license    Bit Torrentse ,


// @license    MIT

You already have a reference to your forum site in @copyright although it may need a little improvement.

Re: @BitTorrentse:

I know it's a bug with flagging that I'm working on but I've uncovered more than one. Please be patient and we'll get you relisted when these are fixed.

Re: @BitTorrentse:

all script not show

Got a fix ready... needs reviewing by other OUJS members... give me a couple days to wait for input and I'll do my best to get this deployed if there aren't any huge blocking issues with this bug. Thanks for your patience. :)