Anxeal / Steam Wishlist Sorter


Version: 1.0.2+37c801b updated

Summary: Lets you sort your Steam wishlist by comparing two games at a time.

License: MIT

Libraries Used



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Sort your Steam wishlist by comparing two games at a time. Perfect solution for those who have many games in their wishlist but doesn't know where to start. It should cut the time it takes to sort normally but it will still take relatively long for those with huge wishlists. Worry not! You can always save and come back later to finish sorting.


  • Hassle-free wishlist sorting
  • Save your progress and continue sorting anytime
  • Preview before committing changes to your wishlist
  • Beautiful user interface (not really :v)



Main buttons

  • Sort!: Opens the sorting overlay
  • Save: Saves the wishlist
  • Discard: Discards your current choices
  • Save Progress: Saves your progress so far
  • Load Progress: Loads your previously saved progress

Sorting overlay

You will be presented 2 games at a time. Pick the one you wish the most. You can see your progress at the bottom. You can close the overlay by clicking the X on the top right.

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