ANT0x1 / HDRezka Player Ads Disabler [1/2]

So it appears that some of your scripts have been targeted as Ads in Adblock Plus currently.

Obviously from the description you are disabling ads in this script.

You might want to go get this remedied with them. I can't tell if it's EasyList or the Adblock Warning Removal List yet.

Russian translation courtesy of Microsoft Translator:

Поэтому представляется, что некоторые из ваших сценариев подверглись как объявления в Adblock Plus в настоящее время.

Очевидно из описания выполняется отключение объявления в этом скрипте.

Вы можете пойти получить это исправить с ними. Не могу сказать, если это еще EasyList или Adblock предупреждение удаления списка.

Marti, thanks for the notification, but I just installed Adblock Plus and didn't find any blocks.

How can I check it?

Re: @ANT0x1:

How can I check it?

It's on XMLHttpRequests to your meta and source. You can install oujs - Meta View, visit your scripts page, open blockable items in Adblock plus, and click Meta in the navbar. I had to modify my CHANGELOG header specifically due to this as SeaMonkey was stalling out and Firefox returned AJAX status 0 which doesn't exist.