Suddenly the external libraries (@require ....) were not fetched from repository on main script version increase.
By doing a simple query by curl on one of the linked libraries I'm getting HTTP 429 error "Too many requests".
Is the site using a rate limiting? I can't find anything about it.

The libraries cannot be loaded due to the presence of viruses in your system. I suggest you to download an antivirus.


Re: @andrewstark853:

You have been content moderated for spamming. Please do no post external links trying to advocate for a particular product not related to Userscripts. This is the equivalent to signature spamming. If you do it again you will be eligible for removal especially since that's not normally the issue.

Re: @Anakunda:

Worked for me fine when you posted this a few days ago and just now. Yes there is rate limiting and yes you need to read the About pages that mentions it and not to mention Development. You hit the very high limit so don't do it again and it won't "clip" your installations.

If your browser has prefetching I would suggest turning it off as that will count against your limit.

OUJS Admin