I've been trying to import this script:


Via the "Import Script from GitHub" option, but every time I try, I get:

@license is not OSI primary and compatible in the metadata block(s).

With no more information on what that means. I know MPL is OSI approved, and that "MPL-1.0" is the correct way of writing it. I've also tried "MPL-1.1", "MPL-2.0" (though I'd rather not use those versions), and "https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/MPL/1.1/" directly as license versions. Plus just no license, which gave a different error.

Can someone please explain that error some more and how to fix it? You can clearly see I've specified a license, and tried several different methods:


OK, it worked now, with no changes. Maybe I was just running through variants too quickly and the site wasn't quite pulling the latest version. Thanks.

Re: @y-less:

Ahh you must have hit the GH cache limit... if you commit too many at once the raw data isn't updated... it's part of their rate limiting.