We're hosting 6 userscripts here. I have the GitHub webhooks connected from our userscript repos (https://github.com/StylishThemes), but it shows an error - I think it was also a 403, but I deleted and added it again.

Anyway, the only way we can update scripts on this site is to manually edit the script. Please let us know what is preventing the automatic updates.

Re: @StylishThemes:

but it shows an error - I think it was also a 403

403 is "forbidden" so it is intended behavior. The 4xx codes are almost always user error. The reason why is you need to attach GitHub (GH) as an auth to your OUJS account. You currently have a different authentication strategy that isn't GH.

  1. Go to https://openuserjs.org/user/preferences
  2. Select GH in the dropdown.
  3. Click "Attach new default preferred".
  4. If you aren't already logged in with your user account at GH do so... then answer the dialog question that GH brings up e.g. allow access to OUJS.

Current security requirements are to have a user account, master branch only, on GH, in order for the webhook receiver to accept push notifications. If you don't meet this criteria then you need to do it manually via upload or paste into the web editor.