When I press the "Install" button I get:

This site can’t be reached
The webpage at https://openuserjs.org/install/magnushakansson/JenkinsPipelineSteps.user.js#bypass=true might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

It used to work a couple of weeks ago. Anything changed?

Re: @magnushakansson:


Whenever you see #bypass=true that usually means you don't have Tampermonkey (TM) installed/enabled/working (or Violentmonkey (VM)) in Chromium based browsers such as Chrome.

Please check your browser to make sure a .user.js engine is installed, enabled, etc. If it still doesn't work try another clean profile with a new installation of your preferred .user.js engine manager.

Currently installs for me.

OUJS Admin